Riding Basics

Tips on basic riding and handling.

Handling Best Practices

  • Ride the electric scooter like a motorized skateboard with a handle.
  • Get familiar with the sensitivity of your electric scooter’s acceleration and brakes.
  • Do not grab, lean and pull on the handlebar. This will damage your folding mechanism.
  • Practice emergency braking.
  • Be ready to engage your brakes anytime.
  • Always do basic maintenance – general, tires, brakes, and battery.
  • Use your scooter as intended - never ride it like an off-road machine.

Riding Tips

  • Be smart, ride defensively.
  • Do not drink and ride.
  • Do not text, check your mobile phone, or use your display while in motion.
  • Do not jump off of curbs or do stunts.
  • Use counter steering maneuvers.
  • Lean your body with the electric scooter as your turn.
  • Use motorcycle cornering techniques – brake before a turn, release, then accelerate through the turn.

Proper positioning

  • Use the handlebar to turn the front wheel only. The tires are small, so steering with it alone is not sufficient.
  • Use your feet and body weight to steer your electric scooter.
  • Keep a low stance and bend your knees slightly when going over obstacles.
  • Stand near the back of the deck.
  • Do not stand with your feet parallel to the deck.
  • Use “skateboard” style positioning for your feet.
  • Lean back when braking.

Ride sensibly

  • Ride defensively. You are the smallest vehicle in traffic.
  • Don’t go at full speed unless you are very familiar with the terrain.
  • Watch for anything that can make your front tires slip – gravel, grass, pebbles, wet spots, uneven road surfaces, etc.
  • Safety over speed.
  • Electric scooters look like toys, but when used for public transportation they’re like any other vehicle. Treat them as such.
  • Follow local traffic laws. Make use of the bike lane or sidewalks.
  • “Dress for the slide, not for the ride” - Wear a helmet!